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2 False Gospels Your Church Believes

Few churches today teach the gospel. That statement may ring hollow if you attend a church that teaches salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Indeed, most churches teach that, but that doesn't mean they teach the gospel. The gospel is more than a thing to know, or intellectual assent as theologians call it. It is a thing to do. While every Christian affirms that the answer to " what must I do to be saved? " is believe in Jesus, they all define what that looks like a little differently. More to the point, they all have different qualifications for salvation. Make no mistake: there is only one qualification for salvation, only one thing we need to do. And it is evident in all of Scripture--from the law, prophets, and writings to the gospels and epistles. But there are two, common false gospels peddling a do-nothing spirituality complete with multiple qualifications that vary by denomination, political affiliation, even region. And your church like