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Is Hulu’s The Path Any Stranger Than Our Own Faith?

My latest for Think Christian : Aaron Paul may have top billing in The Path , a Hulu original series, but the real star of the show is the cult known as the Meyerist Movement. A combination of New Age conceits and 1960s drug culture, Meyerism is a fictional religious movement about how the “Light” will save people from their damage and grant them eternity in a “Garden.” Meyerists believe the path to salvation involves climbing a spiritual ladder, which manifests as literal rungs of maturity and leadership, from 1R up to 10R. Daily life is completely transparent and devoted to helping others unburden from their damage—with the help of hallucinogens and outdated, electro-stimulation devices. Continue reading... Related Posts How You Read the Bible has Nothing to Do with Your Faith Believing in God is not Faith Intellectual Terrorism For the Sake of Argument No Need to Believe --- Like my page on Facebook for more Christian skepticism. Photo credit: bradcerenz