Year in Review 2015

Being the contrarian that I am, I was determined to make turning 30 uneventful, but 2015 had other plans. This year, I started on anti-depressants, I had my first legitimately viral posts, I started writing for Think Christian, I had spinal surgery, and I started a new job. I also took an impromptu three-month hiatus from writing because, apparently, it's inappropriate to question the tenets of evangelicalism while working for an evangelical organization.

That being said, I'm determined to push the envelope even further in 2016. Someone has to ask the questions that no one wants to admit having. Especially the ones that incite thoughtless, kneejerk reactions. Here's to another year of working out my faith.

Most Read Posts

These posts were read 3-40 times more than most (that's not a typo). They primarily deal with ethical artifacts that have been perpetuated by a self-serving maintenance rather than a refining scrutiny. I guess I'm not alone in thinking that the faith could use a good spring cleaning.

Least Read Posts

These posts were read about half as much as most. Topics vary more here so it's anyone's guess why they weren't so popular. Except maybe for some weird titling. And convoluted philosophizing. And self-indulgent self-deprecation. Maybe not my best work.

Most Controversial Posts

These posts got me in trouble in one way or another. Some analogies may have been too crass and titles too sensational, but they are what they are. You tell me if they were over the line.

Personal Growth Posts

Believe it or not, I did actually learn a thing or two. Church and I had been on a break for about three-and-a-half years, and even though I never cheated on it, I never made a vow to return to it either. This year, I did. And much of my writing has documented that journey. As an added bonus, I also learned some pretty terrible things about myself.

Think Christian Posts

My good friend and fellow Moody survivor, Caryn Rivadeneira, was kind enough to recommend me as a contributor for Think Christian. And these posts have been a great exercise for the ego. While it may feel good to have someone like your ideas enough to publish them, being edited is the best way to test your humility as a writer. Not to mention curb any penchants for incoherent indulgence.