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Church Isn't for Everyone

I never feel more alone than when I'm at church. You can always point out those people at a Super Bowl party who obviously don't like football. They're the ones who take the most time refilling their plates or who seem to have really small bladders because they're always in the bathroom. And when they're forced to actually watch the game, they just look out of place. Some try to mimic the enthusiasm of others--poorly. Others play too much defense and get into arguments about the ethics of football culture. And some sit quietly and keep to themselves hoping no one will notice how uninterested they are. That last one is me. I don't get football. Not the game per se, but the point of watching other people play it. If you like the game so much, go play it yourself. Watching sports, in general, seems silly and a waste of time so I don't bother pretending when the Big Game day arrives. I just stay home instead of being the wet blanket no one needs at a party

Mourning Jihadi John

My latest for Think Christian... In the last year, the world has been assaulted by disturbing ISIS videos depicting the beheading of journalists, beginning with American James Foley. The masked executioner--identified by intelligence agencies as Mohammed Emwazi and often referred to as Jihadi John--struck terror into many hearts and inflamed desire for vengeance, a flame that may very well have been satisfied yesterday. According to the BBC, a United States drone strike in Syria targeting Emwazi is believed to have been successful. Though he was just one man, many will feel the sweet relief of justice in his probable death. Writing for the Daily Express in the United Kingdom, Douglas Murray went so far as to say Emwazi was "this country's most shameful recent export." Continue reading... Photo credit: sjrankin / / CC BY-NC