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What Peeple gets wrong about people

My latest for Think Christian... Few startups have been met with as much instant animosity as Peeple. Originally described as a "Yelp for people," the proposed app would allow you to rate and comment on your acquaintances in three categories: personal, professional and dating. (There are even plans for a five-star rating system.) When news of the startup broke last week, the backlash was so immediate and widespread that some have speculated Peeple was in fact a hoax. Peeple co-founders Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough appear to be moving ahead, with Cordray sending this note to the BBC: "World's largest positivity app for positive people launching November 2015 on iOS and Android." Peeple's founders do seem to have an optimistic view of humanity, as they assume an app dedicated to rating others won't quickly degenerate into juvenile incivility. But as misguided as that expectation might be, what should be more concerning is the kind of value this