The Confederate flag and Christian allegiance

My latest for Think Christian:
Last week's racially motivated massacre of nine African-Americans at a South Carolina church has renewed debate over the Confederate flag, which accused killer Dylann Storm Roof can be seen displaying in photos. While some point to this and the flag's association with groups such as the Ku Klux Klan as evidence that it is an expression of hate, others have argued that it’s simply a symbol of their cultural heritage.
But it's more than just a symbol. A flag is a rallying cry and a show of allegiance. Next week, on the Fourth of July, many of us in the United States will proudly fly the Stars and Stripes not only as a flag, but as our flag. What looks like a mere piece of cloth on its own quickly transforms into a statement of identity as soon as it adorns our homes.
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photo credit: Confederate Battle Flag via photopin (license)