Year in Review 2014

Blogging is like having a photo album of your thoughts. Some are posed, some are candid, some are blurry, and some make you wince. My album from this year has certainly made me feel all of those things. But like any other memory, I would never discard them. They remind me of who I was and who I need to be.

Most Read Posts

One of the main differences between blogging and journaling is the public scrutiny. While it's true that this is a risky endeavor, it's also incredibly rewarding. Wisdom and understanding are not solo pursuits, so I value the reactions of others. And since the only real metric I have is readership, here are the top five posts where I seemed to get something right:

Why White People Don't Want Darren Wilson to be Guilty
When I Left the Church
My Daughter is not My Princess
You're Loving Jesus Wrong
I Hate Sermons

Least Read Posts

Poor readership usually means dislike or disinterest. The latter can't always be helped, but these bottom four posts could indicate that my thinking wasn't as coherent as the previous five:

Stop Trying to Forgive Yourself
Radio is not a Theater
She Doesn't Need a Man Standard
Why We Love Speeding

Posts I No Longer Agree With

Sometimes you don't need someone else to tell you when you're thinking is dumb, you just need time. Here are three that I patently disagree with now:

Diversity Won't Solve Racism
Why I'm Not a Conservative or a Liberal
I Can Never Be a Feminist

Guest Posts

I have no shortage of ideas or things to talk about, but I also love sharing the ideas of others--especially when they're beyond my expertise. Here are two such examples with hopefully more to come (I always take submissions):

This Isn't Really About Soccer, Is it?
What's a Black Man's Value?

Personal Growth Post

Some years go by almost unnoticed, but some come with watershed moments. This year, mine came after writing I Can Never Be a Feminist. Through a couple Facebook friends, I came to realize that I'm a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. This post explains why:

Compromise is Good for Your Beliefs