Year in Review 2013

I had a lot ebb and flow through my mind this past year. But most of it didn't matter to anyone else. Here are the top five that did. 

photo credit: Susan Crow
1. Top 5 Most Influential Metal Bands

When it comes right down to it, people listen to the music that they do simply because they like it. I try to make lots of philosophical cases for why rap is terrible; but ultimately, it just bores me. And as much as heavy metal’s opponents can conjure up an army of strawmen against it, they just don’t like the way it sounds either...Read More

2. Atlas Stumbled

I grew up in the church. And as a homeschooled high school drop out, my entire social life existed at church as well. So you would think that it would feel like home to me. That I would share the same partiality and affection toward it as I do with the state of New Jersey. But it don’t. And the worst part is the assumption that I’m going through that rebellious, younger person phase, or perhaps “a crisis of faith.” Name your platitude. Either way, the expectation exists that I will eventually come to my senses and accept the church as it is...Read More

3. Asexual Affection

It is possibly the most hated day by all single people. The day when Hallmark, Russell Stover, and 1-800-Flowers all make their annual budgets: Valentine’s Day. And like most American holidays, the reason for its celebration has become so obscured by cult commercialism that imploring for a return to its ceremonial roots is at best idle folly. To be honest, I’m not sure if anybody knows for sure what those roots are (in other words, Wikipedia was no help). But one thing I do know: as a married man, I also do not look forward to this day...Read More

4. Gay Coffee, Straight Chicken, and Ducks

If you're aware of the recent controversy regarding Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, then you probably have an opinion about his comments on homosexuality. Which, I think, puts me and my wife in a minority: we don't care about Phil Robertson. Or his views...Read More

5. Understanding the Unstoppable

Last week, Kirk Cameron posted that both Facebook and YouTube had blocked links to the trailer of his upcoming new movie, Unstoppable. Here's how he presented the problem to his fans:
Calling all friends of Faith, Family, and Freedom! Facebook has officially "blocked" me and you (and everyone else) from posting any link to my new movie...labeling the content as "abusive", "unsafe", and "spammy"!...This is my most personal film about faith, hope, and love, and about why God allows bad things to happen to good people. What is "abusive" or "unsafe" about that?!
Within a day, the block had been removed...Read More