For the Love of Pets

I am not a people person. I really don't even like most people. People are everything that's wrong with this world. They're selfish, greedy, and disappointing. And I'd just as soon avoid interacting with practically all of them.

On the other hand, I love animals. I love reading about them, watching videos of them, and having them as pets. Now, if you've ever had a pet, you know that animals certainly aren't perfect either. Cats scratch up furniture, dogs pee on things, and ferrets bend in a way that grosses out my wife. But there's one significant difference between the imperfections of animals and people: animals are innocent.

Carl - 4 1/2 years old
I've had my fair share of run-in's with imperfect pets. But nothing takes the cake like the first cat my wife and I got together. You know how dogs are known for clamping down on their prey and refusing to let go? That's what this cat once did to me. It charged at me from down the hall, grabbed my thigh with clawed paws, and bit down. Hard. Four little daggers sunk into my flesh and tore quite a bit as we tried to pry this hell-spawned animal off of me. The wound drained for weeks, and I never trusted that wretched creature again. After three years, we finally got rid of it. Yes! The demon-possessed cat is gone! My nemesis has been defeated! And yet I couldn't be more heart-broken.

You see, Carl was simultaneously the sweetest cat I had ever met. I've met affectionate animals before, but this little guy would climb up on your chest and rub your face with such passion you'd swear he was a human being. You could tell he needed it; he needed to be loved and wanted so desperately to show it to his people. My wife and I are fairly certain he was abused. Which only goes to demonstrate further how much humanity has hurt creation.

We were put in charge of creation. We were called to tend to it. And when we sinned, we put all of it out of balance. Weeds choked other plants. Animals turned on each other. Even the weather grew hostile. We screwed up this planet. So when people commit violence against each other, there's always a reason, no matter how petty it is. But when animals attack, it's because of the evil with which we've covered this world. Not one person is innocent of evil. And not one animal is guilty of sin.

Giving up Carl was one of the hardest things we've ever had to do. But with a baby on the way, and an animal so messed up and unpredictable, we couldn't risk it. It's a good reminder of our collective failure as a race. And it should also serve as encouragement to reclaim our role and begin redeeming the brokenness of creation. One pet at a time.