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Waldo is not Here

As a musician, one of my gifts is the ability to pick out the subtleties in music. It could be a particularly festive drum fill, a modulation change in the organ, or a deceptive polyrhythm. I have high standards in music if for no other reason than I appreciate the time musicians put into these fun little extras. It's like the bonus materials disc of your favorite film (huh, talking about DVD's makes me feel old). And my wife will often comment when we listen to music together that she would have never noticed some of the things I point out. Now as much as I hope that she comes to appreciate that particular piece more, I would never want her to like it solely for those things. Because good music isn't about bells and whistles, it's about good songwriting. In other words, it's about a well-crafted and well-supported melody. photo credit: opacity via photopin cc Think about it, how silly would a record be that focused completely on the eccentrici

No, Sir

I have a lot of respect for our troops. The United States' Middle Eastern campaigns have not worn well with public opinion at home or abroad. It's bad enough to do your job around people who don't trust you, but when your own countrymen question what you're doing…well, let's just say that I imagine the "welcome home" parties are not as grand as they were in the 1940's. Part of me has always wanted to join them, to be a part of this band of brothers valiantly defending the cause of freedom. There's honor and respect in being a soldier. And not to obscure the ugliness of war, I think many men are drawn to the glory of victory. But I've always known that I'm not cut out for it. It's not that I fear being unable to pass basic or losing my life or even having to take the life of another. For me, it all comes down to the "Yes, sir." When I was in school, I was a diligent and disciplined student. However, I was also the

Asexual Affection

It is possibly the most hated day by all single people. The day when Hallmark, Russell Stover, and 1-800-Flowers all make their annual budgets: Valentine's Day. And like most American holidays, the reason for its celebration has become so obscured by cult commercialism that imploring for a return to its ceremonial roots is at best idle folly. To be honest, I'm not sure if anybody knows for sure what those roots are (in other words, Wikipedia was no help). But one thing I do know: as a married man, I also do not look forward to this day. Not because it cheapens romance or imposes rules on how I am to love my wife. I dislike it for the increase in PDA. photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc For those homeschooled like myself, PDA is a lame acronym for "public displays of affection." And we all know how it ramps up on this day. Most people don't mind seeing a couple's kiss or a warm embrace, but we all feel uncomfortable when affection be

Revisionist (Church) History

In the Protestant church, the Reformation is often held as one of the single greatest moments in human history. It was the time when Martin Luther "stormed the gates," so to speak, of the evil Roman Catholic tyranny. A time when some of the true faith's most venerable and incorruptible heroes set the church straight after centuries of doctrinal additions and abuses. Without this moment and these great men, the Protestant church wouldn't exist as we know it today. Or so we're told. Many modern misconceptions also exist regarding the Reformation. For example, Luther had no intention of breaking from the church; he simply wanted a forum for dialogue on contentious issues. And yet many hold him up as the standard for church saints today, even though he was about as incorruptible as the Third Reich. Still I wonder if the biggest pill we've swallowed is that the Reformation wasn't merely the product of culture . photo credit: Keren_ via photopin cc The