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Cowering Behind Black Cats

I love glow sticks. You know, those little green things you shake and crack. They represent one of my favorite childhood memories: Halloween. Because, you see, my family didn't celebrate it. Instead, my sister and I hunted for candy and other plunder with glow sticks in our blacked-out attic. This way, we didn't feel left out of the trick-or-treating fun, but we also didn't have to participate in a 'pagan' event. To this day, I have never trick-or-treated or even dressed up for Halloween. People often ask, "Do you resent your parents for that?" The answer is a simple "No. Why would I?" I think my parents did what any good Christian parents would do. They came up with a creative way to avoid compromising their beliefs. And I don't feel compelled to hold this against them. So, does that mean I'll carry on the tradition, and teach my children not to observe Halloween? photo credit: meantux via photopin cc I mean, what is Hallowee